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     C. " Sorcerer's Stone " is also called the "Philosopher's Stone", and may be very, quite Satanic!  Rosicrucianism teaches that an Initiate will pass through five phases to become the very best Adept probable, being most proficient in performing exercises the power of Satanism.

  Unicorn blood has strengthened me, these earlier months, and you also noticed trustworthy Quirrell drinking it for me while in the forest; and when I contain the Elixir of Everyday living, I can produce a system of my very own ... why You should not you give me that Stone in the pocket?" [p. 293-4]

     A.  Unicorn -- Illuminists use the symbol of the unicorn for a symbol for their coming Christ [Antichrist].  Hence, we should not be also astonished to learn the unicorn plays a big portion of the Tale:

           three.  When Harry begins to possess flashbacks to enough time when his parents were being killed because of the potent curse of evil Lord Voldemort, he distinctly remembers that a flash of eco-friendly light had exploded on him, but instead of killing him, just burned the lightening bolt permanently in his forehead. [p. 29]

  Thus, we find it remarkably exciting that Headmaster Dumbledore is taken into account "the best wizard of recent times. Dumbledore is especially popular for his defeat with the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945, for the discovery from the twelve uses of dragon's blood and his work on alchemy ..." [p. 103]

      E.  Students are taught to depend upon Witchcraft For each section in their life .  All food is conjured up as opposed to well prepared, all the dishes are conjured thoroughly clean, and in some cases the healthcare facility is dependent on Witchcraft to have pupils well [p.

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     D.  Unicorns -- Occultists of every stripe consider the Unicorn is actually a symbol of the coming Environment Instructor, The Christ, who will inevitably look to steer mankind to collectively bigger consciousness amount and also to a one,000 calendar year period of peace and safety.  Rowling depicts the unicorn as being a legendary creature residing imp source peacefully during the Forbidden Forest.

"If ye continue to keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my enjoy; whilst I have held my Father's commandments, and abide in his appreciate. This stuff have I spoken unto you, that my joy may stay in you, and that the joy may be comprehensive.

  As a way to achieve their purpose of your Sorcerer's Stone -- eternal daily life as explained earlier -- Harry and Hermione have to correctly choose from quite a few bottles packed with drug potions, which They are really to properly drink in the correct buy.  This is the riddle:

  This is often the precise New Age doctrine becoming taught below: persons will have to attract their momentary spiritual lifetime with the Christ until the time arrives when their specific consciousness will likely have been lifted a great deal they're going to obtain their own godhood, and Reside for good!  This idea is genuine New Age, is in line with prophecy, and Rowling depicts it quite effectively!

.  Consequently, Chuck Colson's company assurance to Christian mom and dad that Harry Potter books are all suitable simply because "no Call is manufactured Using the supernatural" environment is revealed to get patently and boldly Wrong!

They may have informative post revered the frog since his outstanding bulging eyes characterize the All-viewing mother nature of Lucifer.  Frogs may also be continually used in lots of the potions witches concoct.

Additional, the symbolism Here's unbelievable:  since the Unicorn is really a image of the approaching Antichrist, this scene means he receives a lethal wound; will not this seem terribly such as prophesied deadly wound of Antichrist in Revelation thirteen:3, in which the complete globe goes after the Beast in amazement soon after he is resurrected from his fatal wound?

  This doctrine is quite seductive to People immature small children seeking to grow up within our latest society; given that a Kid's inherent mother nature is evil, he will discover these kinds of philosophy much more captivating in comparison to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christian moms and dads, beware!

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